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Classic Vin Santo Panettone

Panettone is the most popular traditional festive cake of Italy - our little Vin Santo Panettone is the ultimate boozy Christmas dessert.

  • Made with 12% DOC Vin Santo del Chianti With organic eggs, milk, butter and flour
  • Handmade & naturally leavened with mother yeast
  • No industrial additives or trans fat emulsifiers
  • 100% Italian ingredients and made by a family bakery in Tuscany

A rich, irresistible soft and moist mini panettone, which has been dipped in Vinsanto, Tuscany's famous dessert wine. Riccardo and Massimiliano, two genius brothers from Tuscany make these mini panettoni in their Tuscan bakery. The Vinsanto plumps up the raisins and makes a gorgeously moist and wickedly alcoholic cake. Gift one of these to a loved one and enjoy some serious sweet pleasure together.

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