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Colomba Easter Cake

No traditional Italian Easter table is complete without La Colomba, a light and fragrant leavened cake made with candied fruit and baked in the shape of a dove, the messenger of hope, peace and renewal.

  • Real artisan Colomba - no industrial additives or trans fat emulsifiers
  • Colomba handmade the traditional way by a family bakery
  • Organic eggs & butter
  • Naturally leavened with 40 year old mother yeast
  • Made by an expert master baker

Candied orange (orange, caster sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla infused from vanilla pods), WHEAT flour, BUTTER, sugar, fresh organic EGG YOLK, Italian ALMONDS, orange peel, Italian acacia honey, orange syrup (caster sugar, orange peel, Italian acacia honey), lemon peel, sea salt, BARLEY malt, vanilla infused from vanilla pods.
Icing: caster sugar, fresh organic EGG YOLK, Italian ALMONDS, cold pressed sunflower oil, rice flour, WHEAT flour, HAZELNUT paste (100% hazelnut content).

Store away from heat & light. Once opened reseal to maintain freshness & consume within 4 days.

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