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Columbia 70% Dark Chocolate Christmas Special

The perfect chocolate for celebrating this season, with notes of mulled wine and cranberries. Enjoy with your family and friends or gift a person you love with this outstanding single origin 70% dark chocolate.


Region: El Tenido, Gigante, Huila
Farm: Finca Casa Blanca
Producer: Reynaldo Guzmán Romero
Fermentation: Fermentation in local collection centres

  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, raw unrefined cane sugar*, cocoa butter*. *organic. 
  • Vegan Friendly
  • May contain traces of milk, nuts and gluten. 
  • No additives. No emulsifiers. Just the Bare Bones. 
  • 100% recycled and recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • 70g bar 


    Handcrafted in Glasgow

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