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Dark Woods Colombia Driftwood Ground Coffee 250g

Driftwood Ground Coffee

Dark Woods house Colombian coffee since 2018, El Ata  (FKA El Jordan) is unique in that it is a single estate that provides us with “fresh” green coffee all-year round thanks to their ability to produce a smaller fly crop in addition to the main annual harvest. We love the vibrant citrus acidity and caramel sweetness in El Ata and it’s a coffee that we return to time after time as the quintessential all-day, everyday brew.

Dark Woods decided to rename this coffee Driftwood and move it into their Core Range because it's year round availability sets it apart from our other single estate products. It gave Dark Woods a chance to commission another wonderful illustration from Swiss artist, Julia Marti, whose work is such a big part of our visual identity. El Ata is the river that runs through the region and this coffee is perfect for those relaxed, weightless moments where you lay back and go with the flow.

Flavours: Caramel, almond & stone fruit
Size: 250G 

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