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Date Night Bundle

The Date Night Bundle is the perfect way to spend your Valentines or any date night in fact! Surprise your love one with a delicious Italian pesto and tomato pasta dish, complimented with our fresh and delicate best-selling Rose - Whispering Angel. To finish, enjoy our limited edition salted white chocolate handcrafted from Bare Bones and some handmade Italian olive flatbreads for some extra side nibbles. 


- Whispering Angel - 750ml

- Filotea Capelli D'Angelo Pasta

Durum wheat semolina, eggs (30%), wheat flour (00 type)


- Seggiano Raw Basil Pesto 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, CASHEW NUTS, fresh DOP Genovese basil 30%, sea salt, pine nuts.

 - Seggiano Oven Roasted Tomatoes 

Sicilian cherry tomatoes* 62%, Italian extra virgin olive oil* 36%, salt, garlic*, oregano*. *organic ingredient

- Bare Bones Salted White Chocolate 

Organic Dominican Republic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, organic milk powder, organic sea salt.

- Seggiano Olive Lingue Flatbread 

WHEAT flour, Taggiasca olives 10%, Italian extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, yeast.

May contain traces of sesame, hazelnut, almond or walnut. The flour used in this flatbread is from a mill which also handles soya.



Eggs, Gluten, Molluscs, Soybeans, Nuts, Dairy



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