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DIY Movie Night Popcorn Toppings Kit


Popping Kernels with 5 Ready to Use Popcorn Toppings

At Popcorn Shed they understand that no two kernels POP the same and everyone likes their popcorn in different ways. This is why they've created the Popcorn Shed DIY Movie Night Popcorn Toppings Kit - so you can POP, top and shake some magic over your popcorn and concoct your own marvellous popcorn creations!

What’s inside: Popping Kernels (500g) Milk Chocolate Chunks (40g) Dark Chocolate Chunks (40g) Mini Milk Chocolate Beans (50g) Mini Fudge Cubes (38g) Mini Chocolate Coated Honeycomb (36g)

Melt, drizzle and sprinkle your way to making your own popcorn your way with these tasty topping treats and enjoy however you want! Whether it’s a tea-time snack, an after-dinner treat or if you simply have a craving for something yummy, indulge yourself by making some fun and delicious gourmet popcorn.

Made in United Kingdom

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