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E1 Project Espresso Coffee

The heart and focus for any roastery should be its supply chain of green coffee. Sourcing directly from producers themselves in an effort to improve not only the coffee quality but also the transparency of the relationship between grower and consumer is invaluable in helping define your business’s unique values and practices.

In 2015, Clifton Coffee Roasters launched the E1 Project as the mainstay of their offering from the roastery and they turned to El Salvador as a producing country as it continues to offer a simple supply chain of quality coffee from committed specialty producers dedicated to a sustainable future of coffee farming.
This year Clifton Coffee Roasters have chosen to showcase all three of Ricardo’s processing methods (Washed, ‘un-washed’ & Natural) to push sweetness even further.

The idea behind this is simple: buy one coffee from one Estate and tell that story between grower and roaster in order to assist our customers to better sell the coffee in their cafes with greater transparency.

Tasting Notes : 

Plum / Gingerbread / Dark Chocolate 

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