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Fudge Filled Christmas Cracker

Perfect for anyone who’s crackers about fudge.

This bright red Christmas cracker, decorated with snowflakes and/or the delightful bronze Christmas cracker, decorated with white stars, are filled with three pieces of award-winning fudge in three festive flavours: sea salted caramel, speculoos and chocolate orange.

There may not be a hat, a bang, a plastic toy or a bad joke, but let’s be honest, luxury fudge is far better. And in a rather nice touch, the cracker isn’t permanently sealed, which means you can slip your own joke or message inside if you wish.

It’s no secret that we’re sweet on Fudge Kitchen. Using old recipes, some of which date back to 1830, they make a staggering 25 tonnes of fudge a year. Suffice to say, they really know what they’re doing.

Please note that this is for one 65g cracker and you will receive either the red one or the bronze one.

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