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Limoncello 70cl

A wonderful Limoncello, full of bright citrus notes and a sparkling fresh, invigorating taste.

From a 130 year old recipe using only quality, natural ingredients including IGP lemons from Sorrento. These lemons have a higher natural content of essential oils which gives a particularly vivacious and refreshing lemon flavour.

Comes in a stylish bottle and makes a great gift at any time of the year. As testimony to the quality of our Limoncello, it has won the Double Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards! The best in its category in the UK

100% infusion of lemon peels in pure alcohol. Contains no flavourings, additives, preservatives or ascorbic acid.

NB – if left to rest over time, the essential oils from the lemon peels may separate. This is perfectly natural and a sign of authenticity as well as a guarantee of quality. Simply turn the bottle over a couple times before serving.
33 ABV

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