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Mind-Pop Casserole Pan - Cobalt Blue

Mind-pop casserole pan promises to be with you long years to pop up your life and grow a vintage feel in doing so. It will add to your home, restaurant, boat or caravan helping you cook and serve directly from oven to table in style with its pop twist to traditional casserole pans. This beauty of color can be kept clean very easily either in a dishwasher or by hand.

  • Dimensions:11 cm diameter, and 8 cm tall  

KAPKA is a Turkish brand, founded by three close friends Bilge, Sibel and Saime. The trio aim to recreate enamel designs they remember from their childhood and bring more colour to the dining table. Staying true to the artisan character of enamelware, the team at KAPKA creates each item by hand using traditional methods, so every piece is unique.

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