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Super Dense Raspberry Balsamic Glaze

Naturally dense balsamic glaze. Free from thickeners and colouring. Gluten free. Suitable for coeliacs and vegans.

  • Naturally dense, rich raspberry balsamic glaze

  • Made without thickening agents - the density is from natural reduction

  • No added sulphites – contains only naturally occurring antioxidants

  • Use to finish dishes, enrich sauces and add to desserts

A naturally dense, deliciously thick, rich and vibrant raspberry balsamic vinegar glaze. Made with tart, sweet raspberry juice blended with balsamic vinegar, it’s a delicious glaze for meat, raw vegetables and both sweet and savoury dishes. A few drops can add a surprise element to creamy desserts.


Cooked grape must, wine vinegar, raspberry juice 27%.

Store away from heat and light.

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