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That Festive Evening Hamper

 Remember to take moment to relax amid the busy Christmas schedule with ‘That Festive Evening Hamper’, brimming with all the essentials you’ll need to enjoy a moment of calm once the gift wrapping and preparation is well underway.

Light the candles, pop open the The Emissary Prosecco and drink from your glass of choice enjoying a moment of still. Whether you're getting cozy on a festive date night, snuggling on the sofa to watch the first Christmas film of the season or making the most of spending some well deserved time together after a busy day of Christmas shopping, this hamper is the ultimate festive treat for you and a loved one to connect over.

Snuggle up, unwind and enjoy a pocket of peace. 

What's In The Hamper?

Wicker Hamper - 460mm x 300mm x 190mm 

Full Buff Willow with leatherette straps, hinges and handle filled with echo friendly black shredded paper.

Bare Bones - Columbia 70% Dark Chocolate Christmas Special 70g

The perfect chocolate for celebrating this season, with notes of mulled wine and cranberries. Enjoy with your family and friends or gift a person you love with this outstanding single origin 70% dark chocolate.

Cartwright & Butler - Cheese Seeded Flatbread Crackers 130g

Cartwright & Butler's flatbreads need to be several things. Flat, being the most obvious but it also needs to be packed with flavour and have a satisfying crunch to it. To ensure the first, they use a mix of wheat & rye flour into the dough and season it cheeses and linseeds, while the latter is achieved with some very skilful baking.

Cartwright & Butler - Slow Cooked Fig Chutney

A perfect example of the alchemy of chutney making at its finest. Cartwright & Butler slowly and very gently cook down ripe figs and sharp apples in dark brown sugar and mellow Modena balsamic vinegar, spiced with cinnamon. The result is a chutney that showcases the jammy, sweet uniqueness of figs. 

Cartwright & Butler -  Luxury Mince Pies With Brandy 330g

Six large deep-filled brandy-infused mince pies encased in an indulgent butter shortcrust pastry. Exuding with mincemeat of brandy fruit and spices finished with a fine crumbly disc of pastry. Each individually cased in foil. 

Seggiano -Organic Bella De Cerignola Olives 350g 

Delicious giant organic green olives with a delicate taste and a firm, meaty texture. From the Cerignola region of Puglia in Southern Italy, this olive variety is justly called ‘Bella’ for its gorgeous proportion, firm texture and flavour. 

Seggiano - Parmesan Handmade Flatbread 120g 

Seggiano's thin and crispy parmesan flatbreads are a delicious and light antipasto snack for serving with cheese, soups, dips and vegetables. The artisan Italian Lingue are crackers as nature intended. The dough contains the simplest authentic ingredients, rolled out by hand, then baked to a crispy, golden flatbread. These light, crunchy crackers are perfect for antipasto snacking and essential for any cheese board.

The Emissary - Prosecco DOC Treviso Spumante Extra-Brut 

The Emissary’s first discovery. Light, dry, fine, and perfectly balanced. 100% vegan, made from 100% Glera grapes, and very low sugar with only 4g/L. The perfect bottle of fizz for a relaxed afternoon aperitivo, Italian style.

The prosecco is 100% vegan and completely free of the animal products often used as fining agents. Their vineyard received SQNPI certification for sustainable winegrowing. They use an integrated chemical and herbicide-free production system that includes the use of natural and mineral fertilizers. All of their prosecco is Brut or Extra-Brut, and our DOC has just 4g residual sugar per litre, one of the lowest available on the market.

Torres - Caviar Crisps 

Torres caviar crisps are what you want to serve at your next party. They’re flavoured with real caviar to make a seriously gourmet snack. Serve with a glass of cava as an alternative to canapes. Then watch as your guests go from curious to amazed when they try a crisp that tastes like caviar! The crisps are made by Torres, a company from Barcelona that have been making gourmet artisan potato chips since 1969.

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