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That Grazing Hamper

An intimate evening never looked and tasted so good. That grazing hamper provides you with a fine selection of Snowdonia cheeses, cured Italian meats and delicious additions allowing you to curate a charcuterie board of dreams. 

This hamper is available to purchase now, however if this is being purchased as a Christmas Gift please state this in the notes section at checkout as we will then dispatch the hamper on/around Wednesday 14th December due to the nature of the products. 

And to top off your hamper, why not pair it with one of our delicious Amie wines?

What's In The Hamper?

Wicker Hamper - 350mm × 250mm × 150 mm 

Full Buff Willow with leatherette straps, hinges and handle filled with echo friendly black shredded paper.

Annabels - Yorkshire Rhubarb And Mango Chutney 

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb gives this refreshing chutney a cheeky bite. With a hint of spice and signature sharpness, Annabel’s rhubarb and mango chutney goes just as well with a curry as it does cold chicken or a cheese board.

Cartwright & Butler - Olive and Garlic Seeded Flatbread Crackers 

Olive and Garlic Seeded Flatbread Crackers make delicious snacks to be enjoyed on their own or with dippers. Oven baked for extra crunch and flavoured with olive and garlic.

Cartwright & Butler - Water Biscuits 

With something as plain and simple as a water biscuit there really is nowhere to hide. The flour, the oil, even the water itself, has to be of the finest quality. And then it needs to be baked with considerable skill, to ensure the right amount of snap, somewhere between not too brittle and not too soft. And to help this biscuit shine a little more, Cartwright & Butler have added freshly crushed black pepper & sea salt flakes.

Cartwright & Butler - Yorkshire Chutney 

One of the things you learn being from Yorkshire, is that everything that comes out of Yorkshire is just that little bit better. So here’s Cartwright & Butler’s favourite chutney, one based on a fine old traditional Yorkshire recipe. If you only want one chutney, one that works equally well with cheese, meat and pies, we’d recommend you go with this one. Like all Cartwright & Butler’s chutneys and preserves it comes in a signature clip-lid jar, that is eminently practical as a re-useable airtight storage jar.

Perello - Gherkins 

These baby sized gherkins or pepinillos are marinated in white wine vinegar with mustard seeds, silverskin onions and black peppercorns.The perfect accompaniment to our ranges of cheeses, charcuterie and pates.Small and crunchy, they marry perfectly with pate, strong cheeses such as Manchego and cured meats. They also form a key ingredient in tartare sauce.

Snowdonia Cheese - Black Bomber

Extra Mature Cheddar, award-winning Black Bomber loved for its immense depth of flavour and smooth creamy texture.

Snowdonia Cheese - Red Storm 

A Vintage Red Leicester with a distinctive aged character.

Snowdonia Cheese - Bouncing Berries 

Bouncing Berry is a mature white Cheddar with ripe, juicy cranberries diffused throughout.

Snowdonia Cheese - Amber Mist 

Amber Mist combines the smoky, peaty tones of Scotch whisky with mature, creamy Cheddar flavours to create this perfect 'grown-up' cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company. 

Veroni - Antipasto Della Tradizione - Antipasto In Slices

This traditional Italian appetizer includes prosciutto crudo, salame Milano and coppa artigianale. A trio of strong and intense flavors ready to be enjoyed for an aperitif with friends.

Veroni - Prosciutto Crudo Stagionato - Cured Ham In Slices 

This simple and traditional ham from Italian expert butchers has been meticulously cured to give authentic flavour in every slice.

Veroni - Salame Milano - Salami In Slices 

This traditional salami from expert butchers has been beautifully flavoured with garlic and pepper for an authentic taste of Italy.

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