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That Mediterranean Feast Hamper

The perfect hamper for anyone who loves to cook and entertain. This hamper is bursting with delicious artisan products inspired by the Mediterranean. 

Are you ready to create an Italian feast for your guests? If so, this hamper has everything you need. Pop open the red wine and/or Prosecco, light the candles and create an authentic mediterranean inspired feast in the comfort of your home for your loved ones. 

What's In The Hamper?

Wicker Hamper - 3510mm × 350mm × 250mm 

Full Buff Willow with leatherette straps, hinges and handle filled with echo friendly black shredded paper.

Amie - Red Wine - 75cl

Amie is a well-rounded and elegant red wine produced in the Languedoc, south of France. Made from 100% Carignan, from vines that are over 30-years-old, the wine is soft and very approachable with blackberry and plum fruit flavours. amie red is very versatile when it comes to food, pairing well with meaty fish, pasta and meat dishes. Amie is a vegan wine with a 12.5% alcohol content. 

Bonci - Panbriacone - 450G

Made in the Bonci family bakery in Tuscany, this delicious cake is soaked in sweet binsanto and naturally leavened. Panettone infused with vin Santo which wickedly delicious.

Filotea - Spaghettoni Tonnarelli - 250g

Filotea Spaghettoni Tonnarelli is big square Spaghetti, thicker than Chitarra. It can be matched with “carbonara” or “amatriciana” sauces. Filotea egg pasta is produced following an Ancient Recipe from the Marche region. An artisan product made with genuine ingredients, reminiscent of the pasta traditionally prepared by the grandmothers for the Sunday meals with all the family.

Filotea - Truffle Fettuccine Pasta - 250G

Filotea egg pasta is produced following an Ancient Recipe from the Marche region. An artisan product made with genuine ingredients, reminiscent of the pasta traditionally prepared by the grandmothers for the Sunday meals with all the family. Their artisan manufacturing is essential to obtain a unique product, which is incredibly light and easy to digest, while its textured surface helps absorbing the sauces, thus exalting the flavour of all ingredients. Selecting the finest flours, durum wheat semolina and freshest eggs, it is their way to to carry out the Italian food tradition, with a stronger passion every day.

Nicolas Vahé - Olive Oil With Herbs De Provence

Classic herbs in an extra virgin olive oil. Herbs of Provence is a blend of winter savoury, thyme, oregano and rosemary. A blend that takes your dishes in a French-inspired direction and adds unbeatable flavour. Enjoy the oil from Nicolas Vahé on your tomato salad, fish, fresh pasta, vegetables and in homemade marinades.

Ortiz - Bonito Tuna In Escabeche Sauce - 112g

Ortiz bonito tuna (Thunnus alalunga) is a smallish tuna generally weighing less than 20kg. All of the fish that Ortiz buy is caught on rod and line in the Bay of Biscay and then processed by hand. Pale pinky white, low fat with a very delicate flavour, preserved in vinaigrette.

Seggiano - Brutti ma Buoni Hazelnut Biscuits

A classic Tuscan biscuit handmade in small batches at a family bakery, using organic eggs and freshly ground, current harvest IGP hazelnuts. Contains 43% freshly ground hazelnuts. This delicious biscuit is gluten free dolcetti made in a Tuscan family bakery using organic egg & local honey. 

Seggiano - Organic Chilli Balsamic Glaze

Seggiano Super Dense Chilli Balsamic Glaze marries tart, sweet and spicy hot flavours in a rich, dark superdense vinegar.It's wide range of uses from dressing french fries or grilled vegetables to enriching sauces and marinating meat, making it a staple ingredient for the kitchen. Naturally dense balsamic glaze for finishing made in Modena with organic lambrusco di sorba grapes. Vegan and free of thickeners, artificial colouring and added sulphites.

Seggiano - Organic Melanzane Pasta Sauce

This classic Sicilian Sugo is made with lots of aubergine, to absorb all the delicious flavours of sweet Italian-grown tomatoes, herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Seggiano found that using a really good Sicilian extra virgin oil made all the flavours sweeter and richer. Simply a traditional Italian recipe made the traditional way, with excellent ingredients. Seggiano brings the warm and authentic flavours of Italy right to your kitchen.

Seggiano - Parmesan Handmade Flatbread 120g 

Seggiano's thin and crispy parmesan flatbreads are a delicious and light antipasto snack for serving with cheese, soups, dips and vegetables. The artisan Italian Lingue are crackers as nature intended. The dough contains the simplest authentic ingredients, rolled out by hand, then baked to a crispy, golden flatbread. These light, crunchy crackers are perfect for antipasto snacking and essential for any cheese board.

Seggiano - Raw Basil Pesto

Seggiano’s best selling, amazing vegan raw basil pesto, made from fresh Ligurian basil grown to organic standards and extra virgin olive oil. Being unpasteurised means that the delicate flavour and aroma of fresh basil is preserved, while cashew nuts provide a lush, creamy texture. There’s no cheese in Seggiano’s pesto sauce, so everyone can enjoy it. Use on pasta, in soups, dips, for dressing fish, chicken, potatoes, rice or vegetables, or enjoy in sandwiches and wraps.

The Emissary - Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut - 75cl

Made from the finest selection of grapes grown in the ‘DOCG Asolo’ region. 100% vegan, elegant, rich and complex with extra fine, velvety bubbles. Prosecco made for celebrating.

The prosecco is 100% vegan and completely free of the animal products often used as fining agents. Their vineyard received SQNPI certification for sustainable winegrowing. They use an integrated chemical and herbicide-free production system that includes the use of natural and mineral fertilizers. All of their prosecco is Brut or Extra-Brut, and our DOC has just 4g residual sugar per litre, one of the lowest available on the market.

Torres - Iberian Ham Crisps 

Serve these Iberico ham, or jamon Iberico, flavour crisps at cocktail or dinner parties, and watch your guests’ faces go ‘wow’! Your taste buds will be telling you you’re eating a succulent slice of cured Spanish ham – but it’s a crisp!

Truffle Hunter -  Black Truffle Oil - 100ml

Single concentrated truffle oil made with the highest quality European Black Truffles (Tuber Aestivum) & extra virgin olive oil. Use the Single Concentrated Black Truffle Oil (100ml) as a finishing oil to dress dishes before serving.  Although the uses are endless, we recommend drizzling on pasta, pizza and risotto.



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