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The Bishopsdale Crate

Set up the perfect tea party with The Bishopdale Crate, a selection of delicious sweet treats, biscuits and tea that make for a sublime tea party.

Begin with a hot cup of English Breakfast Tea, accompanied by Sea Salted Caramel shortbread, both packaged inside the ‘Its Time for Tea’ bundle clip-top tin. Further inside The Bishopdale Crate you will find soft, creamy Butter Fudge, delicious Butter Oat Crumbles, as well as Cranberry Crumble flapjacks made from oats with generously-large chunks of cranberry concealed inside.

Discover the assortment of sweet treats The Bishopdale Crate has to offer, continue your tea party with delicious Raspberry Preserve, the perfect sweet raspberry jam to spread on your warm crumpets and toast, enjoy milk chocolate wafer rounds, circular wafer biscuit coated in a layer of smooth milk chocolate, as well as proper Yorkshire Stem Ginger biscuits made with real butter and real ginger. Sip on refreshing Orange Juice, presented in a recyclable glass bottle, and finish off your tea party with delicious hard-boiled Sour Apple Sweets, presented in a clip top mason jar.

The Bishopdale Crate is presented in a rustic real wooden crate and comes with glass mason jars which offer a wide range of reusability, one of our favourite ideas is hanging the crate up to the wall using the rope handles to create a shelf, and placing the mason jars on the shelf with tea lights inside to create a warm glow.

-C&B Raspberry Preserve 

-C&B Butter Oat Crumbles 

-C&B Cranberry Crumbles 

-C&B Stem Ginger Biscuits 

-C&B Time For Tea Selection 

-C&B Butter Fudge in Carton 

-C&B Orange Juice 100% 250ml 

-C&B Sour Apple Sweets in Jar 

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