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The Merry Christmas Gift Box

When it comes to pure indulgence, one particular day comes to mind. Christmas is all about gathering as a family, spending quality time together and eating delicious treats. The Ultimate Christmas Celebration Box has everything you need to make this festive period the best one yet. Start the day right with a festive brunch, the gift set includes Acacia Honeycomb, drizzle over your favourite breakfast dish and finish off with a cup of Cartwright & Butler Afternoon Tea. Can't wait for brunch? Dig into the selection of sweet treats this set has to offer, including Cranberry Crumble Biscuits, Gingerbread Fudge, Sea Salted Toffees and Fruit Jellies.

We know the dinner is the star of the show, so why not add a little bit of Cartwright & Butler luxury with our delicious Cranberry Sauce. After dinner, enjoy a slice of the brand new Iced Christmas Loaf Cake, a couple of mouth watering Mint Chocolate Thins and a cup of Cafe York Blend Coffee.

No festive celebration would be complete without mince pies, Cartwright & Butler's Cranberry and Orange Christmas Mince Pies bring together some of the most irresistible Christmas flavours. If you're feeling a little peckish in the evening, take your favourite cheese and enjoy with the Seeded Beetroot Flatbread and Boxing Day Chutney.

C&B 6 Mince Pies in carton 
C&B Treasure Chest tin with Mint Chocolate Thins 
C&B Iced Christmas Loaf Cake in Tin 
C&B Cranberry Crumbles 
C&B Cranberry Sauce 
C&B Gingerbread Fudge in Tin 
C&B Tea in Carton Afternoon Tea (10x3g) 
C&B Café York Blend Coffee in carton 
C&B Boxing Day Chutney 
C&B Seeded Beetroot Flatbread 
C&B Acacia 200g Honeycomb in carton 
C&B Toffees in carton - sea salted 
C&B Fruit Jellies in carton 

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